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What Color is Your Classroom? Color Affects Mood and Behavior for Special Needs Children

Did you know that brain research shows a correlation between color, mood and behavior?

The color blue, for example is known to promote calming and increase feelings of well being. Green is also known for calming and lowering stress. These are considered cool colors as they help relax the nervous system.

Warm colors like red and yellow are known for increasing energy and encouraging creativity, but for some more sensitive children, these primary warm colors may be over stimulating if used in excess.

Many classrooms use off-white or beige as a neutral palate, but there are a few smart teachers who add an accent wall of blue for a calming effect, or a corner picture with red and yellow hues to give just the right burst of energy to those students that need it most.

For more information check out the book Start Smart by Pam Schiller (Schiller, Pam: Start Smart! Building Brain Power in the Early Years. Beltsville, MD: Gryphon House, 1999) or view the amazing work of a non profit agency which helps bring color into schools at

Write and tell us: What Color is YOUR Classroom?

P.S. Color is not JUST for Classrooms!

Blue walls and blue stools make for a calm school cafeteria!

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