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I Can Do it Myself:

One of the most common responses when providing additional assistance to students in inclusive classrooms is “I can do it myself”.  Of course my response is “Of course you can!”. Bringing tools into an inclusive classroom for specific students can sometimes have an adverse reaction especially if the student feels they are being singled out.  If it’s good for Special Education, it is probably a good tool for any child in any classroom- whomever may need it!

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When I taught a resource push in model, I would often work collaboratively with the teacher to find out where ALL her students were having difficulties and have an assortment of tools for ALL kids, ESE and non-ESE. I would then make sure to offer them to ALL the kids. They become excited about discovering for themselves which tools work for them. This allows the students to be motivated to seek assistive technology as a way to become more independently supported without targeting them as not being able to do the same tasks as their peers. This approach also happens to work quite well with the Response to Intervention model which supports the inclusive intervention approach especially with the use of low tech. assistive technology.

Some of the best items featured in the Abilitations catalog are the tools for writing. I have found these are essential classroom tools for a diverse curriculum. With a bit of initial guidance these tools can be integrated into a classroom in a way that allows ALL kids to say “I can do it by myself”!

Visual Stress tools

Color Overlays and Reading Rulers





Great tools for comprehension support, eye tracking, staying on task

Desk top Slant Board and SlantScript






Great to help support proper positioning for writing

Writing Tools with Paper and Classroom Sets for Interventions

Write size Writing System, Writing Guide Set, Hi Write Beginning Paper and Hi Write Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

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Comment by Martianne Stanger on April 11, 2012 at 9:14pm

LOVE this post and wish more did things the way you did....  Color overlays can be especially helpful for many children, I am learning and know my niece has improved her reading skills tremendously since experimenting with them at her school.

Comment by Carrie-Anne Irby on April 10, 2012 at 7:08pm

I won a slantscript and I love it! Great blog!


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