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URGENT: Tools that REALLY WORK for ADD. No pill bottles required!

Listen To This! Got deadlines? Need to enhance your productivity? Homework struggles?

These are tools Miss Sue swears by:

First, do something PHYSICAL. If you are helping a child, a trampoline, swing, bungee jumper or jump rope give best results.

Then, prepare the work or homework area:

  1. Ear tool: Focus music. Scientifically produces a state for concentration and productivity. My coworkers laugh when I want to play this at our meetings. Read more.
  2. Mouth tool: Heavy work in the mouth is a calmer. T-r-y-i-n-g to concentrate is stressful. Many use gum. This bothers my jaw so I prefer the ChewEase pen topper. Or, Corn Nuts and carrots...!
  3. Movement tool: Love those "wiggle cushions". My personal favorite is the one that has air and beads in it. It is called Concentration Cushion or Core Disc.
  4. Nose tool: My favorite is Study Buddy. Essential oils give fast results.This handy inhaler is convenient and long lasting.
  5. Visual tool: Time Timer software. Put it on the computer. Effortlessly know how much time is left on tasks so pacing is easier. LOVE it!
  6. Fidget tool: For general listening go for the user's sensory preference. Some like wikki stix, tangles, stress balls. Doodling is acceptable too.

Do you love the "tool box" concept? Learn more about tools that work with Diana Henry as she is on aTEACHabout!

What are YOUR "must-haves" for concentration?

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