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Over 40 “Must-Have” Popular Tools for Autism

Experience DOES matter! With the accessibility and use of social media, therapists, parents, and caregivers are better able to find out what tools have worked best for other children with autism. In turn, this research can open up ideas which can help their own children with autism.  There are blogs about Autism, support networks, and videos which share a wealth of information, strategies, and opinions about therapy and tools. There is no one specific tool or therapy approach (Sensory VS. ABA) that works for every child, but there are a number of popular tools that many therapist, teachers, and parents use time and time again.  We would like to share some great tools that are popular with children with autism which ultimately help them in their everyday lives.

Most Popular Tools For Autism:

Circle Time: Make circle time a sensory experience for everyone using the Circle Time Kit allowing for just enough wiggles so they can participate.

Swings: One of the most popular swings is the HAMMOCK JOKI HANGING CROW'S NEST which gives great sensory input. The “hugging” nature of the swing gives comfort and calm to those who need it. A little hide-away from all the stimulation!

Move-a-little or move a lot!: For those in need of a little movement, there is the Mega Spinner which is great for vestibular orientation. Or, use the Spin Disc as a great sensory tool and for balance and coordination. Enjoy motor planning and heavy work on the Roll-N-Ride.

Making Sitting easy:  There are many different seating options for children with autism. Some seating options help children focus and concentrate, sit better in their seats in the classroom, or just allows them the movement they need to get through the day. Some of the most popular seating includes the Concentration Cushion and bitty bottoms. One of the most popular seats is the Movin Sit Jr, or relax in this cushions called the Abilitations FluffChair. For those who need a hug: Use the Pea Pod or SqUoosh to give just the right amount of proprioceptive feedback.

Deep Pressure Please: Use a deep pressure sensory vest to increase body awareness, attention and focus. Or Body Socks for calming therapy. Blankets are also popular so using the Lay-On-Me Blanket is an ideal calmer for sensory seekers and those needing weight to organize. Don't forget about the Pea Pod which squeezes those bodies into a cacooning calm.

Fidgets: Organize the mind and body while getting the sensory feedback you need using fidgets, fidgets, and more fidgets! Textured Tangle, Desk Buddy Sensory Fidget Bar, Abilitations FunFidgets, Fidget Finger Squash It, Yuck-E-Balls

Sensory Seeking in School: For those busy feet needing somewhere to put the energy, using the Think-N-Roll foot roller is a great, and quiet way to let it out. Or, use the Deskerciser for muscle and movement opportunities that can be done in a classroom seat, Don't forget about the Desk Buddy Fidget Bar which is great for keeping busy hands on the desk. Kids also enjoy a Weighted Pencil which enhances the proprioceptive feedback to the hand, enabling greater control. The Time Timer is great for understanding the concept of time and perfect for timed tests. For a calmer and pleasant classroom, use the Classroom Mood Filters to decrease the flicker and brightness from fluorescent lights.

Chew it up yum: And chew, chew, chew: Give your kids the oral-sensory feedback they need with Chew Stix or Chewease. If they want something more concealed use Chewlery bracelet or necklace.

Tell us what your child with autism can’t live without and how it helps them get through the day!

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