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School’s out for summer!....but so is the structured routine that many children with special needs so often need.  The daily school tasks also provide the opportunity to practice social skills in context.  But don’t despair, to keep the momentum going over summer here are a few great tips to keep kids connecting:

  1.  Encourage eye contact:  Vestibular (movement) input is a great way to also help support the visual system.  Have your child swing and encourage him/her to look at you while swinging. You can put a sticker or similar mark on your forehead at the eyebrow level as an added visual cue.

Our AirLike Triangle Swing may be just the perfect movement tool to bring the FUN into this activity!

2. Use a mirror and/or each other and work on imitating facial expressions. Work on emotions such as imitating a happy face, sad, angry, confused etc.  Understanding Emotions Learning Cards are the perfect complement to this game.

3. Idioms are basically expressions that are not predictable/logical in their usual context. Phrases like “raining cats and dogs” or having a “green thumb” are often challenging for children especially those on the autism spectrum to master.  Keep the social conversation going with PCI’s Spiral Flip Book on Idioms.

For these and other ideas check out the Friendship Circle Resource Blog on 12 Activities to Help Your Child with Social Skills.  Make it a social summer!



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