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Introducing the New and Improved PeaPod! We listened to your feedback and made adjustments for added durability.    Like peas in a pod, students will STILL love the deep touch pressure snuggle factor these inflatable “veggies” provide! The super strength PeaPods now feature .7 mil fabric for added strength for the entire unit while keeping the flocked surface for that just right soft touch. Perfect for calming, defining spatial boundaries, as a quiet time space, as an added support on suspended equipment and more!

The NEW Super Strength PeaPods™ are all   available in your 3 favorite sizes:   

Item # 1512739 PeaPod™ Junior (48"L - one student)

Item # 1512740 PeaPod™ Medium (60"L - one student)

Item # 1512741 PeaPod™ XL - (80"L - up to two students)


In celebration of our improved model, we are giving away 1 PeaPod for the next 8 weeks!  Here’s your chance to own a Pod of Perfection!  Click here for details.   Let us know how YOU use your PeaPod! 

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