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Marvelous May: Celebrating Better Hearing & Speech Month

As a therapist and a writer, I have always enjoyed alliterations. Even the term is fun to say. Alliteration basically means a series of words in a row that have the same first consonant sound. The classic phrase she sells sea shells down by the sea shore for example comes to mind.  Alliteration is part of normal development of phonological awareness along with rhyming and isolating sounds and all are important components for early literacy skills. Many children with special needs struggle with this and other basic language and communication skills.  In honor of Better Hearing & Speech  Month (BHSM) here are a couple of books that are well suited for these and other emergent skills:

Big Blue Bedtime Book: great for letter recognition, short form rhyme and cadence, along with initial, medial and final sound positions in a fun, functional format! 

Silly Lilly Lizard:  great for auditory bombardment of the /l/ sound as well as developing key concepts of spatial relations using prepositions (across, down, under, through etc.). 

Both books use a fun functional format! For more on BHSM visit the American Speech-Language- Hearing Association (ASHA) information page.  Make it a marvelous May! 

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