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Effective expressive communication is a common goal teachers have for their students. Communication is the key to human relations. Although many students develop strong receptive language skills, countless kids still struggle with talking. What can we do to get them communicating? First, make sure your team knows about the most up-to-date items available to help children speak. For example, Super Chews (School Specialty Sensory, Learning & Behavior Solutions Spring 10 catalog, p. 56) are made from extra tough material that kids can chew to make their mouth muscles stronger or to simply "warm-up" before talking. Once you have them talking, keep them talking with the cool, new Tumbling Word Tower (School Specialty Sensory, Learning & Behavior Solutions Spring 10 catalog, p. 80), a set of wood blocks with words that include many commonly used sounds. These are just a couple of great ways to help your children improve their expressive language.

To see a complete selection of products that'll help get them talking, call for your FREE School Specialty Sensory, Learning & Behavior Solutions catalog today.

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