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American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference & Expo in Baltimore, MD - Not just for Thrapists!

The AOTA 94th Annual Conference & Expo will be in Baltimore, MD from April 3 through April 6 this year.

You can also access the Exhibit Hall for a reduced fee, if you are not going to attend the educational sessions. Go to for additional information regarding registration.

Henry OT Services is thrilled to have been invited to join School Specialty/Abilitations in the Exhibit Hall at their booth: #320.

School Specialty will be bringing several new items for conference attendees to check out …and even try out!

After sitting in educational sessions for hours at a time, it will be fun to climb into, spin with, jump on or just chill out with a friend… in one of their many products. These will include their “Discovery Space” as well as the “Squoosh” and “Green Rocking Bowl” from their “Wiggle Space” .

Two of my favorites are the “Pea Pod” and “Turtl”:
The green “Pea Pod” provides touch pressure in a sensory-safe, cozy space. I knew a student diagnosed with selective mutism, who began to speak one day ,while sitting in a Pea Pod. She spontaneously invited her classmate to join her.

The “Turtl” is great for use in the clinic, at school and at home. Try it out…in standing, sitting and on all 4s. Great for jumping, for balancing, for calming and for use during clinical observations.

Henry OT Services will also have additional products including the ‘new’ Sensory Songs for Tots music CD available at a special price which has songs that address many of the topics in the Tools for Tots book.

A sample of the upcoming Tools for Infants book will also be on display.

At the conference, Diana Henry, will be introducing her latest project, the ‘new’ Sensory Processing Measure Quick Tips (SPM QTs and SPM-P QTs). This PDF , also available as a digital sorting program will assist in providing ‘sensory-based tips’ to be used in the home, main classroom , art, PE, music, cafeteria, on the playground and on the bus. The SPM-Preschool QTs are to be used at home, daycare and in the preschool. Teachers, counselors and therapists will be able to access these on their computers, tables or smartphones.

And finally Diana will be presenting a Poster (Saturday, April 5 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM) with her Sensory Processing Measure (SPM) co-authors re the upcoming SPM for Infants and Toddlers (SPM-IT) titled: Infants & Toddlers: A New Assessment Tool to Evaluate Sensory Processing : Session No.: PO 7078

Come join us !
Stop by and visit the School Specialty/Abilitations booth # 320.

Diana and Rick, as well as Cecilia, Jennifer, Heather and many more wonderful School Specialty folks will be happy to greet and assist you!

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Comment by Diana Ashby Henry on March 17, 2014 at 8:48pm

I look forward to meeting many of you at AOTA EXPO!

I Just returned from presenting in Georgia last week where participants had the opportunity to try out many of School Specialty products such as the Roll Ease, Elastablast, Stretchy Monkeys and new Frog Bean Bags. 

Come "play" with us at AOTA too!

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