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10 Ways to Improve Focus & Attention in the Classroom

Just in time for back to school check out these great tips on how using sensory strategies may help with attention and focus:

  1. Allow opportunities for movement! Many students today do not get enough vestibular (movement) input in their daily life due to decreases in physical education, recess and free time play.  Swings, trampolines, bicycles are all great tools, but during the day even small tasks such as taking a note to the front office or getting up to feed the fish in the aquarium or water the plants in the room may be that just right movement break to stay focused.

 2.    Keep spatial boundaries well defined. Some students struggle with staying on task when placed in a      larger more unstructured area such as seated on the floor for story time.  Use visual cues like a carpet         square or painter’s tape to define where the child needs to sit and/or use alternate seating options like         bean bag chairs or the portable Park ‘N Learn to provide external cues to help with body awareness.

 3.   Allow the use of fidgets.  A research study published in the journal of Applied Cognitive Psychology found that doodlers took in auditory information at a 29% better rate than the control group.  Using a fidget or hand tool (like the Finger Squash-Its ) may help center vision and hearing modes to assist with better focus and attention.


For the rest of the ideas, check out our 10 Ways to Improve Focus and Attention Bundle which includes a 1 hour video webinar led by Cecilia Cruse, MS, OTR/L along with a complete list of updated product solutions to help make your classroom a success! For other bundles visit our Bright Ideas link.


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