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Keeping Your Kids Busy Through the Winter

Winter can be very tough, and, depending on where you live, for some of you it's tougher than others. I live in Ohio, and, although this winter has been mild so far, we have still found ourselves indoors a lot more than outdoors. My family and I are all "outdoor people" so finding things to do in the house is very difficult and frustrating at times. Raising four kids at different ages (ages ranging from 15 months to eight years), it's also tough to keep each of their minds and bodies active throughout winter. It's important to us, as a family, to stay active not only for their development, but for everyone's health. Here are some activities we use while indoors during winter.

-Local museums, science centers, jumping gyms.

-Use your ipad to keep your kids busy with educational games.

-Build tents! My kids can make a tent almost anywhere including the stairs, our bed and in the basement.

-Play hide-and-go-seek inside the house. Pick 3 objects to hide in the house and have them look for them. You can tell them if they are "hot" or "cold."

-Bake! This involves following directions, measurements and fine-motor skills. Best of all kids enjoy the end result!

If you find that you can't beat the snow, then you'll just have to join in it! Go outside and make snow angels, snowmen, have races, and do snow ball sports (use snow balls with your bat instead of baseballs or basketballs to shoot through hoops).


What indoor activities do you use for your kids during the winter months?

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Comment by gloria leinbach on February 2, 2012 at 9:47pm

Cross-Crawl from Brain Gym is a great way to allow kids to move inside.  Basically the idea is to touch right hand to the opposite thigh in a marching method and repeat with the left hand, you can repeat this several times then try to touch elbow to knee, or tap bottom of foot in front of or in back of body.  You can create a space, like a hula hoop on the floor where they need to stay put, so the movement does not move all over the house and keeps it safer.  There are video's on YouTube if you need to know how to do it.

Comment by Diane M. Renna on January 23, 2012 at 9:22pm

we still play on the trampolene & swing set outside - jumping in the snow on the trampolene is fun and crashing down the slide into the snow in the middle of a snow ball fight gets you tired :)

Comment by G Leombruno, M.Ed. on January 2, 2012 at 5:30pm

When my grandson was very young, we brought the snow inside - a dishpan with some wooden spoons, measuring cups etc.  We also used his little pool a few times.  Just put an old blanket on the floor, put on some mittens and let the fun happen.  He loved it.  We did the same in my preschool adding snow to the sensory table.

Comment by carolyn tyson on January 2, 2012 at 12:38pm

I taught my sons to clean.  Through this activity I rewarded them with trips to the store, money for later even leting then stay up late to watch a movie.  Granted, I also told them that if they did not keep up on their school work then this was one way they could earn  money and work.  I also told them this that this was just a way to know that I can go to College and get an education that would not take this hard work.  I always encourage them to see their success as a means to get to college.  Not to accept the fact that there disability would mean they had to go to voteck to learn a skill and skip college. My moto "College is the Way"

Comment by Martianne Stanger on January 2, 2012 at 10:58am

There are many!  Some are:

  • playing in the hallway on our scooter board
  • doing crafts
  • jumping on the couch and the bed (I know most people consider this a no no, but not here)
  • tubbbie time play

Looking forward to others' ideas

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