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May 2013 Blog Posts (5)

5 Stress Busters to Transition to Summer

As school winds down for most students in these next 2 weeks, it is a big transition hurdle for many children on the autism spectrum and/or those with sensory processing disorders.  If this is a tough time in your classroom or in your home, keep in mind these 5 stress busters for making a smooth transition into summer:…


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Creating a Culture of Success!

As most U.S. states have adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS) administrators, teachers and even parents and caregivers are looking at new ways to help children learn….including children who learn differently.   One emerging concept is that of Universal Design for Learning or UDL which is based on the premise of solutions and strategies that can help all children learn, not just those with special…


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Communication is More Than Words!

Welcome to the month of May, also known as BSHM (Better Speech and Hearing Month). With so many more children being diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum these days, along with those with sensory processing disorders and/or behavioral…


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Move Your Way to Better Speech and Language!

We have all seen babies coo and babble more when rocked, giggle and laugh when tossed and caught gently in the safety of mom or dad’s arms or show increased vocalizations when using a linear swing.  During these activities the vestibular system is engaged. This is the sensory system that gives us information on balance, movement, gravity and changing head positions.  The vestibular system and auditory system may work together to help process movement and sound as receptors for these systems…


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Celebrating May

For some of us around the country, this spring month is arriving more like January!...cold, rain, sleet and snow seem to be the order of the day according to the weather maps.  Regardless, we will still be celebrating May as it is Better Speech and Hearing Month!  Watch for our posts, newsletters and Facebook pages for more details. 

Many children with…


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