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May 2010 Blog Posts (4)

Let's Get Them Talking

Effective expressive communication is a common goal teachers have for their students. Communication is the key to human relations. Although many students develop strong receptive language skills, countless kids still struggle with talking. What can we do to get them communicating? First, make sure your team knows about the most up-to-date items available to help children speak. For example,… Continue

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Expressive Communication

"I love you." These three, simple words can melt a mother's heart. However, expressive communication is more than just words. It's the emotion conveyed that bonds a parent to a child, a teacher to a student and a friend to a friendship. A child with a developmental delay may struggle with social communication skills and have difficulty interacting or getting their own needs met. There are many products that facilitate language development using a playful approach. A device such as… Continue

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Say It!

Communication, as we know, involves verbal skills, eye contact, facial expressions and body language (just to mention a few). For children with special needs this can be a challenge and presents an even bigger challenge for their families, friends and teachers. We encourage you to find out a child's "communication style" so you can identify the best tools to enable better skills. Your local speech language pathologist can offer tremendous service in this area. A terrific, easy-to-use… Continue

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Improve Your Kids' Expressive Communication

Children's language disorders can be characterized as receptive, expressive or a combination of receptive and expressive. An expressive language disorder is characterized by difficulty with verbal expression or the use of language. There are hundreds of ways to improve kid's expressive communication through varying modalities. Children can use software programs such as… Continue

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