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I have a pic in the contest for my son and there is a lot of people who wish to support him. To vote on his pic you need to leave a comment but to do that you must join the network. Lots of people liked it but no one wants to join. Can we fix? Or is this a drive for more members? I thought this was for the kids. Anybody else having the same issue? Love the sight : )

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I ran into similar issues. It seems like the same thing happens with they try to LIKE the pic.

I think its a membership drive myself, the likes should count too, and I hope someone fixes it or I done. Cool sight but wrong ideas to get new members.

I'm finding it is more of a frustration for anyone wanting to vote which is defeating the purpose if it is to drive membership. I think it would be more effective if people could vote without the membership. then they may be more willing to explore the site, see the benefits, and want to become a member.

Of course most contests like this are done to get members, but getting members that don't want to be members is useless. I also ran into this sort of thing on a sight because, it's about the kids, and each child deserves the prize, but the person most connected online, with the most friends who will respond, will win. Random prizes are much more fair.


For this particular contest we are asking that members vote through comments. As a network and a company we do many contests throughout the year both here on and our Facebook page.  Almost all of our contests are random. In fact, this was the first contest we have done this way since last year. We were trying to put a different spin on our contests because it is fun to hear from members and to see the support networks come together. We do love the suggestion about allowing likes to be the voting system for future contests.


The reason people need to become members of the site to vote is because this is our only way of screening people to make sure they are not spammers. We also would not want anyone making inappropriate comments and the only way to manage comments is to be able to monitor and remove members if they are being inappropriate.


We agree that we do not want members that don’t want to be here and it is very easy to unsubscribe. Feel free to pass the following directions onto your friends and family for after the contest if they no longer want to be members. Again, we only ask that they become members to vote so as to allow for the screening process.


Thank you for joining My Special Needs Network and we do hope that you stay members and continue to enjoy the blogs, contests, and connections that you find here.


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-My Special Needs Network- Becca

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