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lacking sense of balance while carrying things and with him self

My autistic student 8 years old has trouble with balance! he lack confidence walking on benches and walking over voids as i make space between benches. He has trouble too carrying things, like this morning i ve asked him to carry 2 cans of paint half full one on top of an other, but he seemed not to be capable to keep them in balance! or did he not realize it? after i tried a tray with few items but the same it all went down. Can you give me more ideas of exercises for him to improve please thank you very much 

vincent Causse 

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Vincent-nice to hear from you again. I have asked our site administer to PM you so we can problem solve a bit   more offline.  Thank you!

ok thank you looking forward to it 

Hi, my name is Nicole Syristatides and I have 9 years experience with children with special needs. I currently live in NJ but was looking to find a family elsewhere to work for. I was wondering if you needed any help, I have been a nanny/babysitter for the past 5 years and love every minute of it. I also travel with the families when needed to be an extra hand. Let me know if you would be interested and I can definitely supply my resume and references :) Thanks so much for your time! 

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