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Does your school have a community garden or are your children helping you plant a garden? Tell us about it/share pictures we would love to see all your hard work!

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We are black thumbs here, but try our best.  The kids help me plant bulbs which flower and delight them.  we tried a tomato patch int he past with no luck.  This year I am determined to try square foot or lasgana gardening.

We do not have a garden at our school. Our school is only 2 years old and really needs a garden or at least some pretty plants/flowers. I have talked with the local college (an agricultural college at that) and they have agreed to help us start one next school year. I have begun working on getting donations from local stores. I have had great success with donations of wood and supplies from a local hardware store. I hope that before school starts I can have the area set up and ready to go for the kiddos to work in it day one. 

My school, Saks Elementary, in Anniston,, AL, has an Outdoor Classroom. This year we grew radishes, carrots, cabbage, herbs and spinach. We planted, cared for, and harvested the food! The lunchroom prepared the veggies for us! We loved having our homegrown veggies in our salads. This summer, we are building an amphitheater in the Outdoor Classroom. We will be hosting community gardening activities. I do not have any pictures, but the town newspaper featured us in an article!

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