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Where are some of your favorite recreational playgrounds, amusement parks and recreational centers?

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Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio was one of the best park experiences we have had.

In the summertime there is a place near us that is a nice yet small water park.  Its called Thunder Island  There are like 5 or 6 slides and one way in one way out, lines are usually not long which is a plus for my non-verbal, sensory seeker.  We can go and get cooled down and get all the sensory input we need in about an hour or so. 

In the winter time it is a bit more challenging but we have a great bounce house near by called live2bounce and again some great safety measures.  We also love to go on walks and another great place near us is call Beaver Lake and although we did not have much of a winter in regards to snow this place has snow shoeing and I had hoped to take my little one for his first time.  The weighted grounding part of this activity would have been great... I think of course there is next year (if we get snow)

I haven't been there, but I've heard TONS of good things lately about Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio, TX. It advertises itself as "the world's first ultra-accessible family fun park." Their goal is to have a park where people of ALL ability levels can come and have a good time. Has anyone been there, or does anyone know any more about Morgan's Wonderland?

The website is

Sacramento has a park designed specifically for children with special needs.

Nicholle, Cecilia ( One of our bloggers) visited the park and blogged about it.  Check out the great pictures! Morgan's Wonderland

The Playground pictured below is in Horsham, PA and is part of Lukens Park. When my children were babies, I would take them here regularly to play with the neighbors, and they loved it. Nothing fancy, just good, old fashioned fun!   Denise

Everybody’s Playground – located just off of Dresher Road.  Built by the local Rotary, this sprawling PlayBooster® playsystem is inclusive for all abilities. Poured-in-place safety surfacing allows for easy accessibility to the structure and an extensive ramping system takes kids right to the heart of the action. Lots of play components welcome all ages and abilities including the Sway Fun® Glider. Playground equipment is from Landscape Structures Inc and was built by General Recreation.

Everybody's Playground

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